Reigh’n in on Making Holidays Merry and Bright

It never fails.

Every year, I’m inundated by the same question.

There is this bruited notion that “I am in the know” pertaining to Atlanta events.

And the nothing could be further than the truth.

“So, what’s there to do around Atlanta (the ATL) for the holidays,” they will ask or text. “Any suggestions?”


I totally “get them.” Been there.

Some, my friends, are in a quandary because they have the funds and don’t know where to go.

Some are in panic mode because they have friends or relatives coming in and don’t have the foggiest idea what to do.

Then there are those who would like to impress their significant others but unsure how to do it in Atlanta.

But here’s the thing: Atlanta is very accommodating to families. Over the holidays, there are a plethora of things to entertain the family for days.

I always recommended places such as Stone Mountain Park where families could enjoy the lights, the train ride, Snow Mountain or the magical lights of Lake Lanier. My family and I always enjoyed skating at Centennial Park.

Now for adult entertainment, these days I’m just as perplexed as those asking for advice. Maybe it is just me, but I always found that Playhouses only offer Christmas shows, which doesn’t appeal to me—never has. And there are slim pickings for musical entertainment unless it is held at the Fox for New Years and the tickets aren’t cheap.

Next weekend, my house will be full for the holidays. We decided—if the weather permits—to visit new parks, pick new towns to explore and of course, trying new restaurants. But as I told those who inquired about holiday happenings, I’m more excited about the family/friend bonding experience. And for once, I am not pursuing holiday events.

Right now, I am trying to talk my daughter into accompanying me to an “Ugly Sweater Party.”

“Think about the fun it’ll be searching for the ugly sweater,” I say happily.

“That sound really…….fun, Mah,” she says rolling her eyes.

“Think about the laughter and besides, we’ve never been before. Let’s at least try it.”

Ok, so it’s something to do.

So, if I had to give any advice or suggestions, I tell my friends to create their own fun. My fun is or can be local and spontaneous. And I always have plenty of suggestions for “off the cuff” fun activities.  My version of fun is listening to some local music with friends and having friends over on Christmas Eve for a Christmas cook-off. That means some friends and I will be challenging each other with new (or improved–laugh) dishes.

Thankfully, my children who are in their 20s are so over anything cultural or “entertaining.” Knowing my “creative children” they will probably suggest movies and dining and I am ok with that.

Atlanta may have a lot to offer. But, there is nothing like family and friends to make the season….brighter.

And that is real talk.