Happy Independence Day from a Mother to her adult children

Mom, I have good news!” my son announces while taking a seat at the kitchen table.

I cease making dinner and fold my arms. “Please enlighten me,” I tease him.

“I’m looking for new places to live,” he says.

“You did say places?” I question him for clarity and my own hearing purposes.

He rolls his eyes in exasperation.

I get him.

I’m being “extra.”

I struggle to curb my enthusiasm—for the both of us—as tears well up in my eyes.

“I’ve been looking at apartments, Condos, townhouses, and possibly lease purchases,” he explains.

Does the song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang adequately express my exhilaration? I have only dreamed of this moment since he returned home from college three years ago.  In two months, he’ll be 24; he has a good job and he’s ready for this next stage: paying his own rent/mortgage.

Empty nesting is a welcomed transition. My older son left for college and never returned home. My second son will be leaving soon and my daughter, who’s in college, will be leaving home this time next year.

Knowing my children can and will fly–and so will I–I’m actually looking forward to being HOME ALONE.

Truthfully, I’m looking forward to BEING HOME ALONE!  I so look forward to:

  • Sitting, lying, lounging, napping or sleeping in the nude.
  • The chance to be “irresponsible” after being responsible for 27-plus years.
  • Making decisions for one—me, myself, and I.
  • Downsize, super size, sell, rent, close up my house—because I can
  • Lower bills/expenses
  • And “Stella Getting her Groove Back” (on, whatever works) without having adult children to consider or around.

Since my son’s announcement, I think my adult children’s leaving will change the dynamics of what we—as a family—use to do; how we get together, shorter visits and them returning to their own homes. I love the sound/feel of that already.


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