The Circle of Life–We’re now Seniors!

Ding-dong! AARP calling!

If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym—I was also oblivious– AARP stands for American Association for Retired Persons

Without fail, on a monthly basis, AARP sends me an envelope with an enclosed red and white card, ready for activation. My name is embossed on the card making it feel/seem official.

The only thing official in my mind of course, is that by law and age, I am now a Senior Citizen.   I short, I have arrived.

Officially, this new “identification” has put me in serious denial.

Ok, so here are the realities checks.

Graying hair

Physical limitations

The “Senior Moments”

Worldly experience

And my own built in bias—I don’t want join anything pertaining to seniors.

Yes, I have it bad.

But I’m so in denial that I most times, I miss the actual benes—as in benefits/discounts—even when they’re offered at restaurants, car washes, movies etc—chalk it up to ignorance or um, arrogance.

The other day, I attended an informational seminar and the speaker just happened to mention the advantages of becoming a member of this reputable organization. Later that day, I did a little research and found out the benefits aren’t that shabby.  According to AARP website, benefits include access to health care products, discounts on auto and home owners’ insurance, not to mention a plethora of other services. And here’s the added bonus: discounts on travel, dining, travel and much more.

In other words, membership has its privileges.

The yearly membership is $16 and the bonus is if you join, you can add your spouse or partner for free.

Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that AARP advocates for its members on a local, state and national level on such pertinent issues as affordable medical costs, medical care, housing among other causes that inevitably will affect us all—and our families/caretakers.

I had to seriously re-evaluate my own “pride and prejudices” of feeling and self-categorizing myself because the reality is—all day long—is that it is what it is.

The other day a friend made me laugh until I cried.  “Girl! These days, I would consider it a compliment if they asked me to produce a card or my driver’s license! You know you got it good, when they just start applying the senior discount. Please!”

Now that the idea is settling with me, it’s time to get with the program—literally and figuratively speaking… in AARP.

For more information go to






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