Let’s Get It On–NOT!

Buzz. Buzz. The red-heart shaped Evite pops up on my Smartphone and also in my e-mail.

Ding! I press the button with excitement. The anticipation builds I know any heart-shaped emblem instantly means love.

Heartfelt invitation to something I’d enjoy: dinner, movies, a literary gathering or a perhaps even an engagement or celebrating a friend’s anniversary.

It didn’t matter, the Evite certainly piqued my interest–and I was elated!

My eyes scan the titillating message: You are cordially invited to take your passions to a new level. Come join us while learning new things to keep the passion alive and thriving in your relationship.

So, it was that kind of Par-tay, I think aloud and immediately start chuckling.

This wasn’t my first party and I recalled, the party was a blast!

First, the red and pink balloons and creative “decorations” set the ambiance of fun and plenty of excitement.

Then, there was these red goodie bags we won by default filled with fun “prizes.”

Hint: Just don’t leave the bags out at home.

The entire evening, we all laughed until our bellies hurt, as we couldn’t stop making jokes/ remarks.

And of course, there was the glorious food. Strawberries floating in pink champagne. Bunches of chocolate desserts and of course, a nice entree of shrimp, sandwiches and salads.

I’m convinced I’m going, besides, I’m open-minded and I think I’m cool at 50-something.  And, I’m like to think I’m all about “Getting or Bringing My Sexy Back,” whether I’m in/out of a relationship, I made up my mind, I’m going to be sexy!”

The Evite reads: Invite friends!!!

So, I do: two of my girlfriends have confirmed.

I’m about to RSVP, when my eye catches the list of people who have been invited.

As I’m reading, I recognize some names, others I don’t, so I’m thinking, everything’s cool.

Then, I stop on a name that makes me stop in my tracks. Um, the invitation was also sent to one of my family members, whose identity, I won’t divulge. But my mind screams:

Say it isn’t so!


Oh, the shock and the horror.

Nope, this isn’t going to work—on any level.

While I consider myself open-minded, there are certain things I’d rather do in private. (No pun intended, although, I ‘m cracking myself up.

And as quite as it’s kept, being with family member (s) would kind of spoil the mood.

Anyone who really knows me, already understands that I’m going to cut up.

Somethings, as I have already experienced, just lend themselves to a joke or an exaggerated demonstration—and not always by me!

Bottom line: There are just place and situations that you cannot feel comfortable with your family members. I have a friend who told me that she and her daughter have no problems sharing experiences together.

“We even gone to clubs together, she’s dancing. I’m dancing and we have a ball,” she says.

Then, I think about my daughter, who’s shy by nature, having me go with her to “intimate” gatherings. I know, I’d already be Mom and it would make her and myself uncomfortable. No, I think, she’s has to have her own moments and I absolutely love have mine.

No blurred lines here.

With a heavy heart,  I decline the Evite and think, “But that doesn’t mean Stella, won’t get her groove back/on/or in progress.

It’s just a matter of timing!
































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