Wish N for boots!

“Hello. I’m Lalinda,” I say to my fellow circle of supporters.

“Welcome,” they all say in unison. I have to find my nerve to continue.

All eyes on me. No pressure.

“I’m  a boot-aholic,” I manage to say.

“A what?” the organizer says stumped.

“For clarification purposes, I’m addicted to boots.”

“Gotcha,” they say.

Disclaimer: This is an imagined conversation to a real problem. Just FYI.

There’s not a person alive that doesn’t have an addiction. My sister’s addicted to sweets.  My friend jokingly claims she’s a man-aholic.

My weakness is acquiring and collecting more boots.

I don’t quite know when my boot addiction started, but I absolutely love a nice pair of boots.

Boots are sexy, or should I say, they make me feel sexier.

My willpower goes out the door when I find good boots—as in designer boots, or boots that still have the tags on them at Goodwill or finding bad A, boots online!

At one point, I lost count of the number of boots I had.

Colored boots were always my weakness, they stood out to me like neon signs calling my name.

I couldn’t resist, I tell myself. And the sad part, I didn’t wear half the boots I purchased.

“So, what’s your plans for beating this addiction?” the organizer asks.

“Stop buying the altogether? Stop the boot justifications?”

“Great suggestions, but here’s another. Gradually start giving the boots away. Think of even giving them away as presents to friends/family members.”

Is there such thing as boots withdrawals?

Houston, we have a problem. Time for some serious boot intervention. I must find out what is this predilection for boots, and most importantly, what’s the underlying reason?

Perusing several sites, I stumbled on Today. Com and the article suggest asking yourself these 3 questions “How to do feel when you purchase boots; what’s your motivation and what’s your ultimate gratification?” Here’s my list:

  • Wanting/feeling sexy, especially if I can sport the boots with a hot dress or skirt.
  • Loving the uniqueness of the boots
  • Pure bliss. It’s equivalent to finding the Golden Egg at an Easter Egg Hunt.

And I like article’s suggestions to beat this fixation..

  • Keep a log of spending. It could be an eye opener how much you’ve spent and how you could have used the money for such pleasures as trips, saving/budgeting for big ticket items or giving money to a charitable contribution
  • Expand your possibilities: Instead of shopping, use your time wisely: volunteer, exercise or read a good book
  • Know when to get help: If you feel you cannot stop buying, reach out to Debtors Anonymous via Google. There’s a link that will help you locate a site.

Returning to the meeting in my head, I would like to end on a positive note.

“My name is LaLinda. I’ve given the boots addiction the boot. This year, I’m sticking to the boots (one casual, one dressy) I have, no extraneous boot shopping.  And oh, I’m still sexy with our without boots. Bah!”









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