Double Dare You: Challenge Me!

The challenge seemed simple enough—that is, if I was up for the challenge.

It was a simple request, yet it could be very daunting, should I quit.

This challenge required consistency from day 1 and 0 (zero) tolerance for B.S.

It was a case of either you have it or you don’t. Simple as that.

A New York Time, bestselling author, I Friended on Facebook posted this challenge: “Write a Book in   90 days.”


She cannot be serious!!!!

Is that even plausible?

While I loved the idea, I vacillated between failing and succeeding.

Quite a dichotomy, right?

“No problema for me, I’m a natural at this!” I tried to convince myself as the deadline drew near.

“I’m a writer, remember?!!!!” I reminded myself daily.

Then, a fellow writer posted this inspirational quote:  “Someone out there NEEDS    your book.

Here’s a list, I heard successful writers say that are absolutely Musts for writers:



The ability to write, re-write and edit.

Tough skin.

The willingness to accept/or reject feedback.

Support from fellow writers.

To become comfortable asking questions and asking for help.

To call yourself a writer.

Do the work.

Rejection is part of the process.

Knowing that writing entails starting, stopping, picking it back up, walking away from your material and then re-read with fresh eyes.

With those things in mind, I took the plunge.

What did I have to lose?

Actually, this would be my second novel. I have a novel finished, so this could potentially be an actual win-for-me.

The first few days, was well challenging.

I had the prologue written but the first chapter was stressful.


Because every writer knows the first few lines are critical.

That means, if I didn’t grab the reader’s attention, chances were they wouldn’t continue reading.

No pressure.

The “magic” kicked in when I was able to fall in love with my own characters; when I enjoyed their growth and development and create “believable” situations.

I allowed myself to stop and re-start a few times and then write with abandonment.

Quite a few times, I had to tell myself, “So what if it’s not perfect, just keep writing!”

And each day, I actually hungered to finish where I left off. To my surprise, I even enjoyed introducing new characters and infusing drama, I didn’t even see coming!

To me, it’s that Writer’s rush.

I finished my second novel in 90 days!

I made a promise to myself: “This year, I want to find an editor.”

God must have answered my prayers. In December 2015. I  met to my son’s new girlfriend’s Mom.

“So, what do you do?” she causally asked.

“I’m a writer and you?”

“Oh, I’m an editor for a book company. I love to read your material.”


My newest challenge? Letting her read my book.





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