Prayer and Acts of Kindness: Gifts that keep giving

Most people love to give and receive gifts– not just sometimes– but most times.

Despite the occasion, there’s immense gratification by showing people we care.

This year, I’ve chosen not to dole out gifts for the “Season” but to give gifts, when and if I want to, for no particular reason.

There are tangible gifts, and the other “gifts” that have far greater significance.

The best gift(s) I given and received are priceless: free gifts!

You can always distinguish the “gifts” that come from the heart.

Often times, I’m speechless when I receive an unexpected gift.

There are times when I know, without a doubt, that the gift was “God sent.”

Why? Because the gift changed my life for the better.

If you ever received these types of wonderful gifts, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The right person gave you the right information, right when you needed it?

Have you ever forwarded or given a gift that you know will make a big difference in that person’s life?

Have you ever shared a job announcement with friends or family?

What about an opportunity for personal growth or development?

Or, just sent someone a fun or business invitation?

And the best of all:  The gift of offering yourself, services of others or just a plain service?

One of my “gifts” I share with others is that I’m resourceful, so when my neighbor sought me out for resume help, I knew I couldn’t help her, but I knew exactly where she could get help

“There’s this organization that offers free resume help, here’s the address,”  I said.

At the top of my list of gifts, “Acts of Kindness” ranks pretty high.

Ever been the giver or receiver of such a gesture(s)?

My daughter Courtney and I make it a habit to buy a stranger a cup of coffee, just to make their day and to put a smile on their face.

Another gift we all have is to give compliments or perspective to our friends, family or even co-workers.

These days, I find I am doing these things in person, but mostly on Facebook and even to perfect strangers.

The feedback worked both ways. It made me smile, laugh, cry, smile knowing I made a difference–however big or small.

This year, my gift is a little different, but just as profound to anyone reading this post: Developing a relationship with God.

What you’ll get in return from Him is free: A personal relationship and life everlasting with God.

Most of all, I share this message because I’ve seen what He has done for me. Period.

It’s all about asking, receiving, offering, believing and requesting prayer. The number is (712) 775-7031. Put in this code 707926262#.  Remember, prayer is always free.








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