Night time is the right time!


           It is almost 2:00 a.m. Do you know where your friends, family, children are?

If folks have any sense, most likely they’re fast asleep–especially week nights.

And when the time changes, most people I know, adapt accordingly but getting into extra sleep.

Try calling past a certain time and most likely, people will try to end the conversation, yawn or even fall asleep on the phone.

Even though, I know I have to get up and function the next day, somehow, I like staying up late. Now, I cannot do it every day; most times, I actually have to force myself to lie down.

And crazy enough, I lie down but sleep does not come easy or fast.

The good news for Night owls like myself,  I have two nocturnal friends who I can call in the wee hours who:  A) Act like it’s no big deal  and B) Answer the phone with alertness and cheerfulness!

So, here’s the question I get asked all the time: “What on earth are you doing in the wee hours of the night?”

Reading, writing, researching, cleaning, working around the housing, but rarely watching television.

Charlie, a fellow Night Owl says he  finds solace being up at night  and  enjoys shopping in the evening when there are less distractions and people.

“To me, being up late feels so normal, things are much calmer at night,” he says. “I’m more awake at night than during the day.”

Psychologically, I feel as if I’ve given myself permission to get in more “me” time because during the day, when I’m working, I’m restricted, so I make up for it in the evenings.

Huffington Post article “7 Reasons for Being Proud to be a Night Owl” lists the benefits as being:

  1. Night owlsmight have a higher IQ.
  2. They also benefit from having “night strength.”
  3. People who work at night appear to be more creative
  4. Night owls score higher on general intelligence tests.
  5. They’re in good company. After all, even the president of the United States is a night owl.
  6. Night owls can remain mentally alert for more hours after waking up than early bird
  7. There’s a group called “The Night Owl Society” dedicated to creative freelancers who stay up at night.

  Rest assured, there are those of us who has been staying up for so long, that having to function during the day feels like a chore. At night, we seem to get a “special wind” which amps up my creative side and get most things on our “To-do” list done.










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