When XMas comes before Halloween.

20151024_123525 (4)XMAS IN OCT?

Call them the  Grinches Who Stole Christmas!

Right now, I despise all things Christmas because retailers have taken my joy of anticipation.

Am I the only one who’s wondering when will retailers stop bombarding consumers with massive Christmas displays and hundreds of decorations?

You-hoo! It’s October!

Walmart, Sams and CVS stores and even supermarkets are putting Halloween decorations out next to Christmas items. For me, it’s bothersome because I feel bombarded by perhaps greed over “the need” to allow people enjoy one holiday at a time.

     Psychologically, retailers are banking on buyers who want to get their Christmas items out the way or who want “first dibs” on merchandise, even if they have to pay full price. That way, they feel on Black Friday, they won’t have to fight the crowds who are trying to get the bargains.

Then there’s the other consumers, who want to buy now because the merchandise may not be there later.

Thomas, a friend of mine, says he doesn’t see a problem with the early display of Christmas items.

“I get it’s still Halloween, but there’s a segment of shoppers like myself who doesn’t really mind that Christmas displays. I think the retailers are  supplying customers demands to shop early.

Call these Scrooges selfish because some of us still like to nostalgic of easing into the holidays. For me, I like to see one holiday usher itself out and have that mental break/rush before I start thinking about the upcoming holidays.

Remember the days leading up to Halloween, when as kids we would be making pumpkins, decorating our houses and we would be putting together our costumes? And who can forget the joy of  watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” special?

But these days, there’s this mad rush of Halloween and then abruptly going right into Christmas. Thanksgiving feels non-existent to me these days.

Already, I’ve seen a Christmas commercial on tourism, their wonderful annual attractions, its offerings, highlights and of course, discounts

“Come experience the wonderful, magic of Christmas as we take transport you back to the good old days of warm coco, families gathering, a dazzling array of lights and rides you have to experience…..”

Even at my favorite Park, which is an attraction, they have pumpkins out if full display, but already they’re gearing up for the holidays.

Crews will be out in full force putting up lights and in two weeks, they’ll work day and night to transform the park into Winter Wonderland. I don’t have a problem when they turn on the lights on mid-November. Anytime before, I think it’s too much, too soon.

My message to retailers and businesses who are bombarding the rest of us who really want to enjoy the natural progression of the holidays: Please stop the madness!


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