Cure All for being Home Alone

I’m the type of person who probably shouldn’t be home alone for long duration of time.

Long stretches of time—weeks, months, years– at home alone when I’m not working or in-between   jobs, reminds me that each day counts and matters.

I matter.

Some people are perfectly fine with solitude like my friend Debbi. Although, she works out every morning, she works as a Real Estate agent, she says she loves, loves, loves being in her house. Most days, if she doesn’t have to go out, she’s indoors.

“My home is my sanctuary,” she explains. “I absolutely love my home and have no problem entertaining myself at home.”

We’re complete opposites. I can do things at home, such as write, home projects and take care of business via computer, but at some point of the day, I’m itching to get out.

Being at home has its advantages, but sometimes, I feel claustrophobic. Maybe it’s just a mind thing, but there are times visit Panera Bread, walking, my favorite coffee spot and my favorite super market that has a built-in coffee store/dining area–just to get out of the house.

In short, I am a people magnet. I have no problems talking to stranger–in fact, I enjoy it!

When I was home with my children, I knew I had to go out and work. Being home alone with children and when they went to school, got old for me.

These days, I feel the pang of loneliness more so during the weekdays.  Why? Because most of my friends/associates are working!

Some days are clearly action packed: there’s my to-do list, running errands, taking care of business and every once and while hanging out with a friend.

That is why, I am actively searching for meaningful work. These days, I made hard choices not to work at jobs that I don’t enjoy. Or having a job just to have a job. And no, I’m not rich where I can sit home and wait for the perfect job to show up.

I’m ready to end my home alone days. Ideally, I would love to work part-time, 3 days would be ideal. The other two days, I would be promoting my dream of writing and publishing novels, blogging and working on a business.

One thing that being at home I have plenty time for serious introspection about my life, exploring and trying to design my future, looking at ways to improve my skills and thinking about how I feel about male partnership.

I discovered I  enjoy being home alone without feeling I need to fill my time with a relationship—that will come—it’s just not now.

Home alone is temporary, I tell myself as weeks go by and I haven’t secured a job—it’s in the works and I know God is working out the variables for me.

My next week plan is to join a Meet Up Group to find other people/professionals who also home alone for making good solid connections, have fun, doing something productive and perhaps learning something news.

Check out a local Meet Up Group in your area. Simply go to MeetUp.Com














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