Special Delivery: God calling!

Leafing through my mail, I made a mental note to put the mail into three piles.

Urgent, pay now.

  Read later, pay later

   Disregard, useless junk mail.

Habitually, when I retrieve the mail, I always expect the worse: more bills or bad news.

I used to get suckered into opening mail that came in fancy, heavy stock envelopes with fancy gold, calligraphy. Surely, I thought it was a wedding invitation, a party or a birth announcement.

To my chagrin, it was just another clever sweepstakes. “Congratulations, you’ve seen selected as a potential winner of a cruise. If you activate the enclosed card, you’ll be immediately entered into our sweepstakes for a chance of a lifetime!” 

Weary of these schemes, I began to throw out any inconspicuous letter, bill, sweepstakes, and even magazines.

A few months ago, I never imagined that retrieving and disregarding “unwanted” mail would change my life and overhaul my attitude/

I was quickly going through my mail when I stopped. Here was the same envelope I disregarded so many times. I thought, wouldn’t the company soliciting my business get the hint that I WAS NOT INTERESTED?

“Trash,” I said and was about to chuck it.

“Open it,” the voice told me.

“Nah, it’s the same superfluous stuff I don’t want or need,” I reasoned.

“Open it!” the voice insisted.

Reluctantly, I gave in, but not without frowning and yes—rolling my eyes!

To my surprise, I couldn’t believe what I read. “You are entitled to a full refund of money that has been in escrow for you to claim. Since you are no longer an employee, you can claim the full amount. “

     This good news made me sit down and ponder.  “Is this really legitimate? Or, was I being pranked.


Or psych!

The next day, I called customer service representative who confirmed via computer the money was there.  The refund steps were too easy.




Finally, I realized this was the same envelope I chose to ignore for years because of my perception of bad news/disaster.  Inadvertently, I blocked my own blessings!!!

My mind recalled this prayer, we recited in church: I am a Tither.  I bring my tithes into your storehouse. You pour out such blessings, there is not enough room to receive it. We receive jobs and better jobs, checks and bonuses. Gifts and inheritances. Checks in the mail. Bills paid off. (Not verbatim)

Since then, I received similar blessings through the mail. Many days, I remember joking with the mail person, “Don’t bring me any bad news or I’d say “Any checks in the mail?” Today, I know this for sure: I had to control my negative thoughts and words. Why? Because what you perceive, you speak into existence.

Tracy, a friend of mine sent me a spiritual nugget from Proverbs 18:21: “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Call it God or the Universe, but I believe I learned a valuable lesson through the mail: Whatever, I believe, it manifests itself. These days, I’m reading everything. No more missing a lesson or a blessing







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