Crowd Funding Anyone?

Ask and you shall receive—maybe.

In America, there are still good, generous people or organizations willing to fund an individual, group, businesses, and entrepreneurs dreams/request for monetary funds whether big, small, conventional, traditional, medical, creative or outlandish.

The proper term for personal/organizational campaigning is crowdfunding. There are various sites with the purpose of providing guidance for those who actively seek contributions.  I view crowdfunding much like the popular television show Shark Tank.  Your job is to pitch an idea to donors who financially contribute to your idea/cause via Internet. To me, it’s a win-win situation: you get exposure and funding; while the donors maybe   part of the next big innovative project.

Think of people who’ve made millions coming up with projects and invention.

Remember the Pet Rock invention?

Silly rocks right?

Can you imagine pitching this wacky idea to potential donors?

And your buyers would be whom? Sure!

Turns out, the owner made millions.

The Wilkins Way to Crowdfunding article “The Higher Purpose of Crowdfunding: Making the Impossible Possible,” champions the rewards of crowding.  “Reward crowdfunding makes it possible for designers, artists and entrepreneurs of all sorts to get their ideas in front of a very large crowd. Since you pay for a product that is still on the drawing board, you essentially help to fast-forward revenue streams: Rather than first producing a product and hoping someone will buy it, entrepreneurs “pre-sell” their products, and then use the revenue to move the project into production.”

Want to submit your out-of-box idea? Chances are there are donors willing to take a chance!


There couples who want seek funding for fertility treatments.

And guess what? People donate.


To many, it’s a worthy, feel good cause.

Then there are people soliciting funds for individual, family, class trips.

Fugi Islands?

An educational trip to England, for students whose parents cannot fund

Even a honeymoon cruise.

A trip to a 50th high school reunion?

Even a honeymoon trip.

It’s entertaining reading the various causes, endeavors, business projects, films, books and inventions.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Think you’re up for the challenge?

Give it a shot. You never know.

Dreams can come true. It can happen to even you.

       Looking for Funding possibilities check out this link:






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