Say What???!!!!


A repetitive person is usually clueless they’re repeating themselves to the point of driving helpless listeners—or victims—insane.

Words seems to blur together as they repeat the same thing.

Stories, memories, jokes, may be told different, but, they’re saying the same thing.



Ever want to hit the “MUTE” button?

What about when the person NEVER TAKES A BREATHE IN BETWEEN?”

Does these one word replies sound familiar?  “Yes. Right. Ok—ay. No. Maybe. Good!”

By now, you’re nodding like one of those bobble head fixtures hoping they’d just, well, shut up.

What if that repetitive person is you?

My children were spot on when they brought this annoying trait to my attention.

You’ve already said that Mom!” they said peeved.

“I don’t care, I’ll say it again!” I spat at them going into Mommy mode.

“Please don’t,” they say in unison.

Most times, there are certain triggers that cause people to repeat themselves such as:

The desire to be heard/acknowledged.


Being the Center of attention


When others started to notice, I got help.

Enter Toastmasters.

Toastmasters International is a club dedicated to helping people improve their communication, presentation and leadership skills. With helpful feedback, people work on their weak areas and learn effective delivery tools to curb weak areas such a repetition, stuttering, filler words (ah, um, well, you know what I mean?) pitch (too fast/too slow) while developing their self-confidence.

It’s done wonders for me.

Need help finding a club? Go to


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