What’s the Relevance?

“Hey Jar, “ I say oh, so sweetly to my son, whom I affectionally see as my personal computer pundit.

“Yes, Mom?” he answers in an exasperated voice, then rolls his eyes.

He already knows what’s coming.

“Can you help me figure this out on the computer?” I say pointing to the blinking/frozen, weird error message on the screen.

Translation: “FIX IT FOR ME NOW!”

He leans over me and magically clicks or holds down some buttons. Wella! Problem solved.

Instantly, I’m relieved—that is until the next time I run into a snafu.

Knowing my track record—there’ll be a next time.


Poor Jar, you’re probably saying, as I said for the hundredth time to the both.

I’ve grown far too complacent in my laziness to figure anything computer related by MYSELF.

But, I’m not alone, I reason.

Remember that famous (old) Life Cereal commercial about Mikey will do it/Mikey Likes It?  The commercial point: Get anyone—preferably someone young, gullible and willing to do it/try it/save us.

And what parent hasn’t said jokingly: That’s why we have kids! Who hasn’t fallen back on these tactics?

Making your children retrieve the remote control?

Taking out the garbage?

Getting our children to say we’re not home? (C’mon, it’s not just me!)

Go to the store?

Add turning into lazy parents who feign “senioritis” so we can get computer or Social Media assistance.

I even heard seniors/grandparents say they’ll even enlist the help of a savvy 5-year old who’s knowledgeable about everything their not.

It’s got to be maddening for Jar.

“Can you just look at this?” I’ll plead to Jar.

“Ma, it’s easy, watch. Pay attention,” my son says as he demonstrates.

“Oh, “I say quite shamefaced.

As parents/seniors we have to challenge ourselves to not only learn something new, but to be relevant.

Relevancy basically means keeping abreast about new subjects, computers, world trends, innovative equipment to make our lives easier and manageable—with little or no assistance.

There are some benefits to learning new things, be, whether individually or with others. That’s where enrolling in classes really helps.  Believe it or not, learning something sharpens our brain and boosts our confidence.  Today, there’s a plethora of seniors enrolled in adult education courses offered at colleges, technological colleges and senior citizens centers and even libraries with one motive: the joy of learning something new!

The Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Adults 50-plus”, an article on About. Com states these added incentives of learning new skills includes improved memory, socialization, save money on DIY projects and new skills can equal new money opportunities.

Think about it:  The more we learn, we can teach others and charge for our newly acquired skills!

Learning these new things can be daunting/overwhelming—especially computers and especially when computers are ever changing. Just when you finally, finally get down the Windows X, here comes Window 10 and you’re the version you learned is now antiquated!

 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Say it isn’t so!

The good news: There are classes geared for learning—or at least familiarization of Social Media, Smart Phone/Black Berry Usage, Remote Controlled gadgets and Tablets.

With that in mind, I’ve eradicated excuses and challenge myself to stay abreast and get on it—as in enroll in classes—TODAY.






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