To Friend or Unfriend–that is the dilemma!

“Ma, you have to stop commenting on my every posts on Facebook,” my son texts me.

“What in the world?” I say aloud as I re-read the text.

“Huh?” I respond, totally perplexed.

“Ma, it’s annoying and smothering,” He texts.

My son’s favorite phrase of “It’s all good,” tells me it isn’t.

So much for writing one word responses such as :Agreed! Amen! Right! Great! Nice! Sweet! And the latest kicker: Dope! A compliment I used to describe the movie “Straight Out of Compton” a term used by the rappers.

I got it. He clearly said he was uncomfortable; therefore, I made a quick decision.

“Feel free to unfriend me,” I texted back. Then I thought back to a few years ago, when my son and I were “friends” on Facebook, but I unfriended him.

Why? His content—I’ll leave it at tha

Ten minutes the phone rings.  To my relief, it’s a friend who has had similar experiences with her daughter

“Girl, these young people are a mess on their Facebook page,” she shared. “The key is to read but not to comment.”

Now, I’m really confused.

Long story short: Unfriend, she tells me because it cuts out a lot of confusion, stress, hurt feelings and privacy issues.

Having pondered this further, I could see my fault by “inadvertently invading” his privacy and “creativity” as an adult.

So, I sent him a text and told him that I think its best if we unfriend each other.

Do I hear a sense of relief as in “Sure, Ma,” he says only too quickly.

I’m laughing now at the idea of being unfriend—or am I permanently blocked?  Privacy does have its privileges.

Since I haven’t unfriended anyone in years (come to think of it make that two people) I Googled “How to Unfriend Someone” on Youtube and up pops a plethora of tutorials.

Happy Unfriending my friend!




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