Got the Pink Slip?

The Donald says it like nobody else can: “You’re fired!.”
Ask any working professional, what’s your biggest fear? Being fired!
Let Go.
Getting the Pink Slip.
So, how does one recover from being fired?
For one, not many people talk about being fired. It’s definitely a no-no.
Others think that being fired or asked to voluntarily resign, equates failure.
Depression and prolonged anger are not uncommon symptoms.
A friend of mine told me she was once fired without any warning or provocation.
“Just hearing the word fired sent me in an emotional tailspin,” she said. “It was equivalent to being shocked when you’re told about a death. You’re just unprepared, especially when there’s no warning”
While it may or may not be your fault, this Alternet article entitled “It’s Easy To Get Fired In America: In 49 of 50 States, You Can Be Fired For Any Reason” sure educated me.
Surprisingly, employees can be let go on a whim and Not protected by law! No probable cause or justification needed or required to be terminated.. Even constitutionally, employees have no legal recourse.
The article states: “Most Americans can be legally fired for almost any reason. Private sector workplace relationships tend to operate under the standard of employment-at-will, which means you can be fired for the color of your shirt, your political views, supporting your favorite sports team or for refusing to fetch your boss a cup of coffee. The Bill of Rights does not apply to your office.”
I know just hearing this you’re probably thinking “Great, I have to walk on eggshells now,” or “So, if my boss has a bad day, I’m fired? Are you serious?”

Good News:  Being fired just may mean you’ve been given a second chance/wind to improve your life.

It may mean time to take an assessment of your other talents, or perhaps it was just the opportunity you needed to live your true dreams. What about that entrepreneurial dream you shelved? Is this a good time to volunteer while taking a mental break? By exploring,  a totally new field, you may find there’s less stress and new excitement doing something different. Whatever you do, don’t stay idle which leads to depression. Below is a link to help you cope. Smile!


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